Quality is pride of workmanship

By Azo Equipment ~ 05 May 2015

W. Edwards Deming

Making products that look good, work well and do the job is satisfying, but real satisfaction comes from seeing them used and loved, worn out but not thrown away and talked about as if old friends. Standing at the Best of Britannia show last October (2014) it became clear we have some customers who love their bags. Meeting with Bashilo owners we heard first hand accounts of how the bags had been used, received useful feedback and even saw examples of wear and tear that we had never reproduced in our own travels and testing. This was exciting for us, a chance to improve and make our first backpack better through engaging with our customers; you can read about how we did this here.

Our customers are all over the world and sometimes we are lucky enough to see a photo of a bag in use. One in particular that stands out was seeing Ryan Reynolds wearing a Bashilo 15 in Olive Green and Tan leather. He has been spotted in photos on set and out and about with his bag and it seems like he gets good use from it. Makes us wonder about all the other bags we have sent out all over the world, what kind of journeys they have been on and what we could learn from the story of each bag.

We believe in an iterative approach to design, incrementally improving something as more and better data becomes available, but getting reliable feedback is difficult. The best recourse is to strive for the highest standards we can achieve from the outset. Nevertheless, we are always considering what other kind of feedback we could use to improve on our designs, as quality is pride of workmanship, but also a habit after all.

Any stories or photos of travel or backpacks in use around the world are always welcome here.