Re-designing the Bashilo 15

By Azo Equipment ~ 05 May 2015

Materials and methods

The Bashilo 15 was designed and made with a number of considerations in mind. Amongst others, these included weather resistance, comfortable distribution of weight across the shoulders and the ability to stay upright when placed on the ground.

After testing we passed the first bag for production. It had survived downpours in Norway and the UK, load carrying and stress testing over a period of months. We chose the main body fabric, a British made carbon-waxed cotton, for its surprising weather resistance, durability and low weight. We also liked the patina it gained after use which gave the bag a sense of character.

Evaluating our design after a year and seeing a few cases of wear and tear, we set about creating a second generation Bashilo 15 which would include a number of small improvements. The yoke section that sits above the shoulder straps and the bottom base of the bag had, on rare occasions, experienced rubbing leading to the fabric being worn down. This led us back to testing and considering fabric choices. On these susceptible areas we had to find a fabric with the same expeditionary look and with the same exceptional weather resistance but that would be more resistant to wearing down over time.

Our final fabric choice was a strong weave, dry finish waxed cotton, thicker for use on these particular areas where abrasion could be a factor. In addition to the fabric change we also implemented a few small tweaks, making our backpack lid stiffened to maintain shape and help shed rain; reducing the size of our top handle and zip pulls and increasing slightly the height of our front flat pocket. We also chose this re-release as a chance to put a much asked for colour way into production, Olive Green with Dark Brown leather. Looking forward to feedback from customers who have requested one of these already, we think it’s going to be a nice improvement and that it was worth the wait to get it right.