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By Azo Equipment ~ 05 May 2015

All the latest news

We are happy to announce the re-launch of our website, which you are now viewing. This has been an internal project which the team has taken ownership of, and we discuss its design and implementation below. Updates to the website will be regular, so check back for new features!

We are also now stocking the long awaited second generation Bashilo 15 Olive and Dark Brown colourway, available for order now. Find out how we have updated the Bashilo 15 here.

Please feel free to explore the other articles on our blog which begin to offer some insight into our thinking, direction and origins. The blog stands to become a regular source of news and updates, and we will announce new stories on social media.

Finally, we are very pleased to offer the Amhara, for the first time, for pre-order. Pre-order customers will receive updates regarding the manufacture of the Amhara and the schedule for dispatch. Detailed product images are coming soon.

In all we hope these updates will be useful to our customers and those patiently waiting for news from us.

The new site - in more detail

In developing the new website we dedicated the same amount of attention to it as we would with any other product design. We have introduced a new brand mark, shown below. This is accompanied by new typography across the site that is better suited for life on the web.

Our inspiration for the core layout included examples of cartography, both new and old, which has been influencing our brand and products from the beginning. The manner in which maps are framed by useful information closely resembles the relationship between UI and content, an idea which we have employed in varying degrees around the site, most visible at desktop sizes.

Websites can be monolithic projects, but they also benefit from constant iteration in a way that physical designs don’t. We can’t patch bags after all (or maybe we can). To make the most of steady development, we wanted to be personally responsible for all stages of the design and implementation. We hope in the future that this will allow us to create new content and features as we need. Start-ups and small businesses are increasingly taking on roles as technology companies, and some of the great designs you see on the web are the result of developers also being business owners.

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