Bashilo 15

Made with the finest British waxed cotton, we use only rot-proof and UV resistant thread and webbing. Our vegetable tanned leather is cut, stamped and worked by hand and our metal fittings are made exclusively for us by an Italian workshop. The Bashilo backpack is built to be a weatherproof and durable classic. Bashilo 15

Bashilo 13

The Bashilo 13 is a low profile backpack, maintaining all the standards set by its larger predecessor. The Bashilo backpack is built to be a weatherproof and durable classic, our standards of manufacture and selection of quality material is second to none. Bashilo 13


After the launch of the Bashilo, we began developing our next backpack, made for travel further afield. We had in mind a larger carry capacity, a shape that can compress, a more durable main fabric, zipped pockets and the best metal hardware available. Amhara

Dessie Pouch

The Dessie pouch is made from the finest British fabrics, complemented by a waterproof lining, woven label and a leather zip pull. It is designed to accompany the Bashilo backpack as a solution for small loose items such as keys, passports or tickets for travel. Dessie Pouch

Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner

Developed for Australian horsemen, Aussie Leather Conditioner helps leather to withstand hot, dry climate conditions. Contains natural beeswax. A must for saddle owners in bitter cold, dry areas as well as those in hot, dry climates. Perfect for use on saddles, tack, boots, gun cases and handbags. Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner

Fiebing's 4-Way Care Leather Conditioner

4-Way Care preserves by water proofing and replenishing tanning oils; strengthens by coating each leather fibre with a blend of the finest leather oils and waxes; beautifies the finish by coating it with waxes which also aid in resisting dirt; and cleans fine leather including exotics because it contains leather soaps that float out dirt and grime.  Fiebing's 4-Way Care Leather Conditioner